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TV This Week: February 18, 2013

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The Second Doctor this week!

These are the TV shows I plan on watching this week. Most of them I will watch by DVR or OnDemand. All times ET.



The Following, The Siege. Fox, 9:00pm.
When Claire receives a phone call that may lead to finding her son, Hardy and the FBI set their next move into motion, causing panic at the farmhouse; Carroll seeks a lawyer from his past to send a message with deadly results.

Independent Lens, The Powerbroker: Whitney Young's Fight for Civil Rights. PBS, 10:00pm.
The civil rights leader's journey to the head of the National Urban League is chronicled, exploring his dealings with the white elite, the allies he made in business and government, his responses to attacks from the Black Power movement, and more.



After Newtown: Guns in America, Special. PBS, 9:00pm.
The evolution of guns in the United States is examined, including the first European settlers, firearms' link to violence, the clash of cultures that reflect the differing visions of America's national identity, and more.

FrontLine, Raising Adam Lanza. PBS, 10:00pm.
The young man responsible for the mass killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., is profiled, revealing who he was, his motives and other mysteries; the heated debate over gun laws and gun culture is examined.

Body of Proof, Abducted- Part 1. ABC, 10:00pm.
Megan returns to work after Peter's death, and is surprised by a man from her past, Tommy Sullivan; Megan and Tommy, along with his partner, work to stop a serial killer; Megan learns that that the killer is holding her teenage daughter hostage.



Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites, New. CBS, 8:00pm.
No info. available.

Modern Family, Bad Hair Day. ABC, 9:00pm.
After deciding to attend her college reunion alone, Claire inadvertently runs in to a professor she once dated, resulting in an awkward situation after Phil shows up by surprise; Meanwhile Gloria refuses to admit the new baby is becoming exhausting.

Nova, Mind of a Rampage Killer. PBS, 9:00pm.
Correspondent Miles O'Brien explores the possibility that the desire for their own death and media glory are what drives spree killers, while also examining the information that science can provide about a brain that is at risk for violent behavior.



Zero Hour, Face. ABC, 8:00pm.
After a deadly confrontation with White Vincent ending in more questions than answers, Hank decides to set a course for India determined to uncover the next clue that will lead to a better understanding of his own past as well as the woman he loves.



Touch, Perfect Storm. Fox, 9:00pm.
Unforseen developments at Aster Corps force Martin to make a decision and strike a deal; Lucy visits the police with new information on Amelia's kidnapping; Guillermo is spotted in New York and is hunting for Martin and Jacob.







Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited, The Second Doctor. BBC America, 8:00pm. (3 hrs.)
A detailed look is taken at earlier seasons of the iconic television show Doctor Who, a phenomenon that is still popular after 50 years, featuring The Second Doctor, his fearless Scottish highlander companion and his foe, the Cyberman.

The Walking Dead, I Ain't a Judas. AMC, 9:00pm.
Rick and the rest of the group are forced to make a decision after realizing that the overall security of the facility has been jeopardized; Andrea begins to grow concerned over the stability of Woodbury after it undergoes a drastic change. Note: I usually watch Talking Dead too


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