Sunday, June 30, 2013

TV This Week: Ray Donovan, Under the Dome

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It's Fourth of July week and the TV pickings are slim. Under the Dome got good ratings for its first episode, can it hold on to viewers? I liked it so I'll tune in again. Ray Donovan has gotten good reviews so I'll check it out.

These are the TV shows I plan on watching this week. Most of them I will watch by DVR or OnDemand. All times ET.



Under the Dome, Pilot. CBS, 9:00pm.
The residents of Chester's Mill suddenly find themselves sealed off from the rest of the world when an inexplicable transparent dome encompasses the entire city, leaving the people to struggle for resources as everyone begins to panic. Repeat, in case you missed it. It got good ratings.

The Killing, Eminent Domain. AMC, 9:00pm.
Detective Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder manage to get a hold of the victim that has been on the run; after enduring a difficult scenario, Seward suddenly confronts the demons from his past; Bullet tries to cope with the truth.

Ray Donovan, The Bag or the Bat. Showtime, 10:00pm.
In Los Angeles, when a man is released from prison early, he seeks revenge on his son who set him up; Ray must assist a celebrity who is experiencing concerns about a transsexual; Ray helps out a singer who is being pursued.



Under the Dome, The Fire. CBS, 9:00pm.
While the residents of Chester's Mill try to come to terms with the uncertainty of life in the dome, their panic is yet again heightened when a house is engulfed in flames and the fire department is located outside of the dome.










Thursday - Fourth of July









Zero Hour, Winding. ABC, 8:00pm.
Hank and Laila continue the race against the Pyrates in search of the True Cross; "Molars" and White Vincent are captives on the same ship and share intelligence; Beck, Paige, Arron and Rachel meet Hank and Laila in Strasourg and discover the mole.

666 Park Avenue, Elysian Fields. ABC, 9:00pm.
As Jane tries to figure out what the "conspiratti" is, Detective Cooper reveals his part in the group; Henry tries to track down Jane's estranged father to surprise her at the engagement party Olivia is throwing them; Alexis and Louise face-off.



The Killing, Hope Kills. AMC, 9:00pm.
After not being able to make any head way in the case, Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder get closer to solving the case; Seward struggles to come to terms with his inevitable end; the young Bullet decides to step up and be the protector.

Ray Donovan, A Mouth is a Mouth. Showtime, 10:00pm.
Ray develops a scheme to get Mickey back behind bars; Abby decides to ignore Ray and hang out with Mickey; Ray must assist an actor who has received threats and a star whose livelihood is being jeopardized by a sex tape.


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