Sunday, May 26, 2013

TV This Week: Doctor Who Revisited; Body of Proof series finale

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After your day at the beach or cook-out Sunday night Memorial Day weekend watch Doctor Who Revisited. Later in the week PBS has a few interesting shows, one is about the Boston Bombing.

These are the TV shows I plan on watching this week. Most of them I will watch by DVR or OnDemand. All times ET.



Doctor Who Revisited, The Fifth Doctor. BBC America, 8:00pm.
A detailed look is taken at earlier seasons of the iconic television show Doctor Who, a phenomenon that is still popular after 50 years, featuring The Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison, and his foes, the Cybermen and Master. 3 hrs.

Mad Men, The Better Half. AMC, 10:00pm.
Roger continues to have the same dream every night and becomes concerned about the repetition; Joan takes some time off from the agency in order to enjoy the beach, which results in an interesting outing for the beautiful Ms. Harris.



Revolution, City of Men. NBC, 10:00pm.
Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aaron finally discover a way to enter the Tower, which pits Miles against Monroe once again in a battle that proves to be deadlier than their first encounter; Tom and Jason Neville find themselves shut out of the Tower.



Constitution USA with Peter Sagal, Built to last. PBS, 9:00pm.
Host Peter Sagal visits Iceland to examine the country's decision to create a new constitution that was inspired by the Constitution of the United States, and later, he looks into why the U.S. Constitution has lasted over 225 years.

FrontLine, Outlawed in Pakistan. PBS, 10:00pm.
A young female rape victim's five-year struggle through Pakistan's broken justice system is chronicled, examining her courage to come forward, the alleged rapists' attempts to clear their names, and society's beliefs about victims of rape.

Body of Proof, Daddy Issues. ABC, 10:00pm.
* * * Series Finale * * * Megan brings Tommy along for her father's exhumation, but instead of answering questions about his suicide, it seems to just make more; Megan's mother suggests looking into her husband's patient files that may hold connections to his death.



Nova, Manhunt - Boston Bombers. ABC, 9:00pm.
The investigation and manhunt following the deadly Boston Marathon bombings on April 15 are chronicled, examining the roles of various innovative technologies, including bomb chemistry analysis and traditional detective work.















The Killing. AMC, 8:00pm.
Detective Sarah Linden desperately tries to keep her past mistakes from tormenting her life; Holder finds himself struggling with a new assignment given to him; a prisoner manages to show his true colors while in prison. 2 hrs.

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, Peru. CNN, 9:00pm.
Anthony and fellow chef Eric Ripert go looking for a particular variety of wild cocoa that is only found in a remote part of the Andes, experiencing the pre-Colombian lifestyles of the rural areas as well as the modernity of Lima, the capital city.


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