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TV This Week: Survivor Season Finale

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It's that time of year again, May TV Sweeps, so network shows will be wrapping up their seasons soon. Also ending its season (and series) this week is Touch (I think).

These are the TV shows I plan on watching this week. Most of them I will watch by DVR or OnDemand. All times ET.



60 Minutes. CBS, 7:00pm.
Scheduled: Lesley Stahl reports on counterinsurgency tactics helping law enforcement officers in Springfield, Mass.; Scott Pelley reports on a charity that's given $1.25 billion to New York's neediest; a report on veteran's traumatic brain injuries.

The Simpsons, Whiskey Business. Fox, 8:00pm.
Moe winds up going into business when a group of venture capitalists take interest in his homemade whiskey; Grampa injures himself while babysitting Bart, leaving Bart to take care of him; Lisa is insulted by a hologram of Bleeding Gums Murphy.

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, Canada. CNN, 9:00pm.
Anthony Bourdain takes a railway journey across Canada in the company of restaurateurs David McMillan and Frederic Morin, the fun-loving founders of a world-renowned Montreal steak-and-seafood eating place called Joe Beef.

Mad Men, For Immediate Release. AMC, 10:00pm.
Roger reexamines his methods and decides to make a change to the way he works in the hopes of bringing in new business for the agency; Pete Campbell finds himself in an awkward situation during an unexpected encounter with a client.



Revolution, The Love Boat. NBC, 10:00pm.
Despite being thrown in to a situation where they're fighting for common goals, Miles refuses to place any trust in Tom; Charlie, Jason, and Nora execute a daring plan of action to rescue Dr. Stephen Camp in an attempt to thwart Monroe.

Bates Motel, A Boy and His Dog. A&E, 10:00pm.
While Norma gets in a tight situation with a stranger, Bradley grows frustrated over the rumors spreading at school; Dylan and Remo get away from town but their road trip quickly turns violent, and Norman takes up a strange hobby.



Constitution USA with Peter Sagal, A More Perfect Union. PBS, 9:00pm.
The host travels across America, examining the Constitution's delicate balance of power through the differing opinions of people who think the government has become too big and those who believe a strong central government has improved the nation.

Body of Proof, Dark City. ABC, 10:00pm.
A plane crashes into the main power grid of a city in Philadelphia due to a gunman opening fire while aloft, leaving Megan to conduct autopsies during rolling blackouts when one of the bodies goes missing; Tommy and Adam get in a serious accident.



Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites, Don't Say Anything About My Mom. CBS, 8:00pm.
The final six get a much-needed visit from family members, leading to an emotional day for everyone; Cochran worries that he may be the next to have their torch snuffed; one castaway is forced to make a game-changing decision.

Modern Family, My Hero. ABC, 9:00pm.
A very personable and successful doctor and ex of Mitch, invites the whole family out to a fundraising event at the local roller rink; Phil teaches Gloria to skate; Manny and Luke must choose subjects for their 'My Hero' essays.

Secrets of the Dead, Death on the Railroad. PBS, 10:00pm.
Utilizing modern forensic and scientific investigative techniques, experts set out to uncover the truth behind the suspicious deaths of 57 Irish immigrants who were hired in 1832 to lay railroad tracks in West Chester, Pa.







Touch, Leviathan. Fox, 9:00pm.
As Aster Corps prepares to take a top spot in the global economy, Nicole Farington stops at nothing to achieve her goals; Martin and Trevor interrogate a captured enforcer in a race against time to save Jake and Amelia from Aster Corps' grasp.



Doctor Who, Nightmare in Silver. BBC America, 8:00pm.
The Doctor arrives at Hedgewick's World of Wonders, a great location to spend a day out enjoying a theme park, but also the starting point for a deadly silver resurrection that could turn out to be more frightening than the tallest roller coaster.

Saturday Night Live. NBC, 11:30pm.
Hostess actress Kristen Wiig, musical guests Vampire Weekend.



Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites, Season Finale. CBS, 8:00pm.
After a harrowing season of surviving in the Philippines, the remaining castaways still competing for the $1 million grand prize end their journey and prepare to face a jury of their peers who will ultimately decide the sole survivor of season 26. 2 hrs. Note: Reunion Show at 10pm.

The Simpsons, Fabulous Faker Boy. Fox, 8:00pm.
When Bart begins to explore his creative type at Marge's encouragement, she hires Slava's daughter as his piano instructor; when the last two hairs on Homer's head fall out, he begins to try a variety of headgear to hide it from Marge.

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, Morocco (Tangier). CNN, 9:00pm.
Anthony Bourdain visits the former International Zone, the part of Morocco where artists such as Paul Bowles, William Burroughs, Tennessee Williams and the Rolling Stones went to escape moral prohibitions and rekindle their inspiration.

Mad Men, Man with a Plan. AMC, 10:00pm.
Everyone at the agency diligently works to try and satisfy the wants and needs of competing clients in order to solidify their commitment to the company; Pete Campbell is caught off guard when he gets an unexpected visit.


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