Thursday, March 14, 2013

Brief Book Review: Hekate in Ancient Greek Religion

Hekate in Ancient Greek ReligionHekate in Ancient Greek Religion by Rob Von Rudloff
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

You may know Hekate as a Goddess of the new moon, crossroads, underworld and dark magic but this book explores her origins where she was much different. Though it seems never more than a minor Goddesss, Hekate was close to Zeus and a companion to other major Gods and Goddesses including Artemis and Apollo. She was a guardian and companion, and also known as a "light bringer" (torches were frequently associated with her). The author speculates on how she transitioned to the dark Goddess in later years.

This book grew out of the author's M.A. thesis in Classics. The first few chapters are a bit dry reading, like a text book, but the subsequent chapters are more readable as are the discussion sections at the end of each chapter.

Horned Owl Publishing, ISBN: 0969606680. View all my reviews at GoodReads. Hekate in Ancient Greek Religion at Amazon.


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