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TV This Week: March 31, 2013 - Walking Dead finale, Mad Men premier

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The Walking Dead Season Finale is tonight. Also this evening you can watch the Third Doctor on BBC America. Mad Men starts a new season this week and The Americans returns with a new episode.

These are the TV shows I plan on watching this week. Most of them I will watch by DVR or OnDemand. All times ET.


Easter Sunday

The Doctor Revisited, The Third Doctor. BBC America, 8:00pm.
A look is taken at how the Third Doctor, the first Doctor to be broadcast in color, and also the first to incorporate action, stunts and car chases, joined the British Army, met The Master and flew in helicopters and hovercrafts. 3 hrs.

The Walking Dead, Welcome to the Tombs. AMC, 9:00pm.
* * * Season Finale * * * As the group begins to sense the coming execution of the Governor's demented plans, Rick and the rest of the survivors at the prison are forced to consider whether or not their stronghold is truly worth risking their lives for.

Vikings, Raid. History, 10:00pm.
A seer's prediction for Earl Haraldson claims that Ragnar Lothbrok is plotting his death, which causes the Earl to take precautionary measures to protect his power, and when Ragnar's property is destroyed, the Viking warrior seeks his freedom.



The Following, Whips and Regrets. Fox, 9:00pm.
Ryan and Parker attempt to recover after losing Claire to Carroll's followers while the FBI tracks down an undercover location that may have dark ties to Carroll; Claire adjusts to life with the followers as Emma and Jacob deal with Emma's betrayal.

Revolution, Ghosts. NBC, 10:00pm.
When a teammate's final act of heroism saves the group from devastation, everyone must continue pressing forward, prompting Miles to journey out in an attempt to recruit a former Militia comrade for his savage killing skill and battle prowess.

Bates Motel, What's Wrong with Norman?. A&E, 10:00pm.
After searching for work around town, Dylan finally finds a job and becomes acclimated with the workload, though he discovers there is more to the new position than he originally thought; Norman and Emma make a shocking discovery.



Body of Proof, Skin and Bones. ABC, 10:00pm.
While investigating with Megan, Tommy is bitten by the neighbor of a murder victim who is then diagnosed with rabies; when another rabies-related fatality is reported, Kate calls the new health commissioner in to help Megan uncover the truth.



Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites, New. CBS, 8:00pm.
Old alliances may be given new life as the recently reformed Bikal and Gota tribes plan to merge and reunite old friends and enemies; the participants hope to gain individual immunity during an eating challenge that includes larvae and brains.

Modern Family, The Future Dunphys. ABC, 9:00pm.
Claire and Phil go to the hospital for her angiogram when they inadvertently stumble upon what appears to be a future version of themselves, which doesn't leave them with the best impression, while Manny takes Jay along on a private school visit.

NOVA, Ancient Computer. PBS, 9:00pm.
A 2,000-year-old lump of corroded bronze that has remnants of gear wheels on its surface was found in 1900, and while the first x-ray confirmed that it was an intricate machine, it would take recent, high-tech imaging to reveal its true nature.

The Americans, Safe House. FX, 10:00pm.
Philip and Elizabeth are forced to rely on all their years of intense training in order to salvage a mission that has gone horribly wrong; an FBI agent goes missing so Stan and his peers push themselves to the limit to save one of their own.







Touch, Two of a Kind. Fox, 9:00pm.
Martin follows Guillermo's bloody path as he stalks one of the righteous "36", while Jake uses a cipher to locate Amelia; Calvin meets with the CEO of Aster Corps who attempts to lure him back to the company by showing him the first quantum computer.



Doctor Who, The Rings of Akhaten. BBC America, 8:00pm.
The Festival of Offerings takes place on the rings of the planet Akhaten, and all seems well when Clara meets the Queen of Years, but soon a sacrifice will be requried for the thing that has begun to awaken in the pyramid.

Saturday Night Live. NBC, 11:30pm.
Hostess Melissa McCarthy, musical guest Phoenix.



Mad Men, Welcome to the Tombs. AMC, 9:00pm.
* * * New Season * * * Don attempts to further the growth of the agency by spearheading a new campaign that shows a lot of promise; Roger is left in a state of shock after getting some unsettling news; Betty decides to open up her home to a guest. 2 hrs.

Vikings, Burial of the Dead. History, 10:00pm.
After the discovery of Rollo's violent torture because of orders given by Haraldson, a weak and injured Ragnar goes to the Earl for a confrontation, but only one of the two men will walk away from the monumental fight alive.


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