Monday, March 4, 2013

TV This Week: March 4, 2013 - Watch Vikings

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Vikings is good, check it out.

These are the TV shows I plan on watching this week. Most of them I will watch by DVR or OnDemand. All times ET.



The Following, Let Me Go. Fox, 9:00pm.
Carroll makes a case against agent Ryan and the FBI to be moved to a different facility with the help of attorney Olivia Warren; Emma and joey arrive at a meeting point and find one of Roderick's men with a plan of his own.



Body of Proof, Lost Souls. ABC, 10:00pm.
Megan and Tommy investigate a murder of a daughter who's parents claim that she was killed by the devil after being possessed; the team must figure out what is fact and what is fiction before the victim's sister suffers the same fate.



Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites, Kill or Be Killed. CBS, 8:00pm.
No description available.



Zero Hour, Chain. ABC, 8:00pm.
White Vincent is still holding Laila captive, but in his weak and vulnerable state she convinces him to tend to his wounds, all the while looking for the opportunity to escape; White Vincent barters Laila's release to Hank for help to the next clock.



Touch, Broken. Fox, 9:00pm.
Lucy's frustration with her search for Amelia reaches a peak when she takes matters with Calvin into her own hands; Martin and Jake enlist some help with searching for Lucy; Guillermo makes a life-changing decision in the Arizona desert.



Saturday Night Live. NBC, 11:30pm.
Justin Timberlake hosts and performs.



The Simpsons, Black Eyed, Please. Fox, 8:00pm.
When Flanders becomes frustrated because his laid-back parents start to enjoy hanging out with Homer over him, he punches Homer in the eye; Lisa is distressed by a substitute teacher who seems to bully her for no particular reason.

The Walking Dead, Arrow on the Doorpost. AMC, 9:00pm.
In an attempt to put an end to the killing, Rick and the Governor decide to meet in the hopes of finding a peaceful way to resolve their dispute but having trust develop between the two may be too high of an expectation.

Red Widow, The Consignment. ABC, 10:00pm.
Marta surprises herself with her own savviness as she's forced to think on her feet when the drug smuggle hits a snag as details change at the last minute; Marta's children get involved in the FBI investigation against her; Boris recalls a memory.

Vikings, Wrath of the Northmen. History, 10:00pm.
Ready to finally execute his plan to explore the unknown world, young family farmer-warrior Ragnar Lothbrok recruits a fearless crew for the voyage, but powerful tribal leader Earl Harldson's paranoia may spark complications.


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