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TV This Week: Doctor Who Revisited; Season Finales of Vikings and The Following

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Doctor Who Revisited is up to the fourth Doctor (the one with the long scarf) and Tom Baker participates in this special to air tonight. Also tonight is the Season Finale of Vikings; it has been renewed for another season. Monday is the Season Finale of The Following. Lastly, Modern Family and Saturday Night Live return with new shows.

These are the TV shows I plan on watching this week. Most of them I will watch by DVR or OnDemand. All times ET.



60 Minutes. CBS, 7:00pm.
Scheduled: Steve Kroft speaks with serial killer nurse, Charles Cullen, who confessed to as many as 40 murders in a 16-year career; a profile on jockey Rosie Napravnik, the only female riding in the upcoming Kentucky Derby.

Doctor Who Revisited, The Fourth Doctor. BBC America, 8:00pm.
A detailed look is taken at the iconic television show Doctor Who, featuring The Fourth Doctor, who was played by Tom Baker, who used a recognizable, long scarf and an eccentric style of dress and speech to make the part his own.

The Simpsons, Pulpit Friction. Fox, 8:00pm.
When Homer is recruited to be a deacon at church by the new reverend in town, Bart asks Flanders to help track down Reverend Lovejoy as Homer begins to get too invested in the faith; Marge finds that the dry cleaners swapped her wedding dress.

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, Columbia. CNN, 9:00pm.
Host Anthony Bourdain observes how Colombia has changed over the past 10 years as he travels from the central mountains to the Caribbean coast and visits inland sites that were formerly coca farms controlled by the drug cartels.

Mad Men, The Flood. AMC, 10:00pm.
In an attempt to attain a sense of security for herself, Peggy begins to plan for the future; Roger sees an opportunity to add another big account to the agency, which leads to him pulling out all the stops in order to impress the potential client.

Vikings, All Change. History, 10:00pm.
* * * Season Finale * * * King Horik commissions Ragnar to assemble a crew to resolve a dispute over land in Gotaland with its leader, Jarl Borg, but their encounter may not have the intended outcome; the village asks Lagertha to plead with the gods to rid a plague.



The Following, The Final Chapter. Fox, 9:00pm.
* * * Season Finale * * * Ryan races to capture Carroll and put an end to his plans before they reach their deadly conclusion; Carroll leads Claire to a top-secret location as he begins to prepare for the final showdown between himself and the FBI.

Revolution, Home. NBC, 10:00pm.
Aaron inadvertently finds his life turned upside down as he accompanies Rachel on her adamant quest toward the mysterious tower; tempers begin flaring to catastrophic proportions between Miles and Monroe over a mutual infatuation of the past.

Bates Motel, The Man in Number 9. A&E, 10:00pm.
The Bates finally open up the hotel for service, and Norma is surprised to see who their first guest is; after attending the school for a few weeks, Norman begins to discover that even the popular girls can be complicated.







Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites, New. CBS, 8:00pm.
The remaining castaways must reorganize their end-game strategies after realizing they must compete in two challenges and attended two Tribal Councils in the same week; big moves are considered when finale alliances are formed.

Modern Family, Career Day. ABC, 9:00pm.
Phil is excited to talk to Luke and Manny's classmates for career day, but it doesn't go according to plan; Jay takes some shameful measures to prove to Gloria that he actually does want to be a novelist; Mitch and Cam fail at being the Tooth Fairy.

The Americans, The Colonel. FX, 10:00pm.
Philip and Elizabeth grow concerned that their latest orders may be a set up posing as a routine meeting; Stan continues his investigation with the FBI which brings him closer to the seemingly normal couple; the Jennings learn about their cover.

Secrets of the Dead, Bugging Hitler's Soldiers. PBS, 10:00pm.
Examined is the unprecedented and clandestine surveillance operation that revealed German POWs' inner most thoughts about Nazi Germany and a number of valuable military secrets that helped the Allies win the Second World War.



Much More Than A Game, Sport Cities. beIN Sport, 8:00pm.
A look at sports fans in London and Philadelphia.



Touch, Fight or Flight. Fox, 9:00pm.
With the Aster Corps quarterly review coming soon, Nicole Farington becomes desperate for Calvin to deliver results from their study on the "Righteous 36"; an intense encounter with an enforcer leads Trevor to go undercover as a test subject.



Doctor Who, The Crimson Horror. BBC America, 8:00pm.
Bodies are turning up across Victorian Yorkshire, and as if that isn't bad enough, the skin of the corpses has a waxy consistency and is glowing with a strange, red light that betrays the fact that something ghastly is going on.

Saturday Night Live. NBC, 11:30pm.
Host Zach Galifianakis, musical guests Of Monsters and Men.



The Simpsons, Whiskey Business. Fox, 8:00pm.
Moe winds up going into business when a group of venture capitalists take interest in his homemade whiskey; Grampa injures himself while babysitting Bart, leaving Bart to take care of him; Lisa is insulted by a hologram of Bleeding Gums Murphy.

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, Quebec. CNN, 9:00pm.
No description available at time of writing.

Mad Men, For Immediate Release. AMC, 10:00pm.
Roger reexamines his methods and decides to make a change to the way he works in the hopes of bringing in new business for the agency; Pete Campbell finds himself in an awkward situation during an unexpected encounter with a client.


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